Sound Yoga

Sound Yoga and Sound Massage:

Sound can nourish our body, mind and soul, restoring well-being, health and balance


Sound yoga is a combination of mindful yoga in the Hatha tradition with the use of therapeutic singing bowls in the poses. Students will learn how to use tibetan singing bowls while holding a pose, which is extremely relaxing and beneficial for loosening up tension deep in the fascia tissue. Sound helps to open the body and we are able to stay in yoga asanas more easily and relaxed whilst being supported by sound and vibration. The practice is accompanied by sound massage in the Peter Hess tradition, sound relaxation, and sound meditation with the healing sounds of drums, gongs & crystal bowls and in each class different elements of these sound based practices are used.

This form of yoga is a gentle but powerful way to help reduce physical, emotional and mental stress and tension and to connect back to one's own natural rhythm with joy. 

How does it work?  

Sound is not only experienced through the ears – sound waves physically impact the body causing a vibration at  cellular level. Tension is released, blockages cleared, and the mind can become still.

Sound massage involves simply sitting or lying in a relaxed position whilst sounds are created all around with highly resonant sound healing instruments. In one to one sound massage instruments are placed on the body to create a deep sense of relaxation while the body is massage through the vibration of sound.

A few Benefits: 

  • Improves overall physical health

  • Relieves pain and stress

  • Balances Nervous system

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Uncovers & balances emotions

  • Induces relaxation

  • Transforms and facilitates inner harmony and wholeness


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